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Essays & Commentaries

C-BERT focuses on publications aimed at academics, practitioners, and the general public. While C-BERT research appears in academic journals and books, Jason and Kevin frequent use their scholarship to  write essays and commentaries on issues of cross-border higher education available via blogs, media outlets, and professional periodicals. We invite you to read these publications yourself below

Answer threats to academic freedom with engagement

From University World News …. Last month, the United Arab Emirates sentenced Matthew Hedges, a 31-year old PhD student from the United Kingdom, to life in prison on allegations of spying. The international outcry was immediate and vociferous. Five days later,...

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Contradiction behind Egypt’s embrace of branch campuses

From University World News …. As Egypt builds a ‘new Cairo’ – a government and business hub in the desert on Cairo’s outskirts – the government wants international branch campuses (IBCs) to be a part of it.  Governments increasingly view internationalisation as...

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Can Overseas Branch Campuses Reflect Local Values?

We have been thinking a lot recently about the impact on local cultures of importing foreign higher education. How are outside providers different from indigenous institutions? How do branch campuses gain legitimacy and become embedded within the host country’s system...

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The Rise of an Educational Sovereignty

For the past several decades, many international branch campuses have operated without much oversight from their home countries and with a sense of diplomatic immunity in their host countries. Recently, however, some countries are following the lead of Qatar, the...

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Looking Ahead: 4 International Trends for 2014

It’s a new year, and we’re dusting off the crystal ball to make new prognostications about the future of global higher education. But first, let’s evaluate the predictions we made last year to find out what we got right (and wrong) in 2013. We correctly predicted that...

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The Asia Pivot in Higher Education

Asia is fast becoming a key player in global higher education. Asian nations’ growing demand for education and the increased investment they have made in their universities presents opportunities and challenges to the world. And recently, some of the first systematic...

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Solving the Regulatory Challenges of International Campuses

Cross-border higher education inherently operates in multiple jurisdictions, each with its own regulations. That has created a problem for branch campuses and other foreign-education outposts: How should educational quality-assurance agencies in the host country treat...

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U.S. Colleges Expand Connections in Latin America

A couple of years ago, the WorldWise contributor Francisco Marmolejo pondered whether the United States was moving backward in its connections with Brazil. He was concerned that the U.S.-Brazil Higher Education Consortia Program run by the U.S. Education Department...

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Is the International-Education ‘Bubble’ About to Pop?

There has been much talk in the United States recently about higher-education “bubbles.” The growing student-loan debt is one, while others point to increasing costs and continued high unemployment as an indicator that higher education writ large is creating a...

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