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International Branch Campus News

News on Cross Border and Multi-National Education

December 2013

U.S. Colleges Finding Ideals Tested Abroad (The New York Times, 12/11)
First Graduate University Boosts Higher Education Hub (University World News, 12/6)
Fraud Campus Broke Rules in Both Mauritius and India (The Times of India, 12/2)

November 2013

Oxford, Yale or Abu Dhabi? Middle East Aims to Become Hub for Universities (CNN, 11/29)
BRICS University League Starts to Form, but Needs True Collaboration (University World News, 11/29)
UoP Plans to Go International Again, Campus Mooted in South Africa (The Indian Express, 11/23)
Following Asia’s Path in International Higher Education (University World News, 11/22)
Colleges Go Abroad with Branch Campuses (USA Today, 11/19)
Qatar Sets its Own Terms for U.S. Universities (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/18)
Acquisition in Australia (Inside Higher Ed, 11/13)
The Asia Pivot in Higher Education (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/8)
First Global Meeting of HE Research Centres in Shanghai (University World News, 11/8)
Armenian Minister of Education Discusses Opening of Branch Campus of Moscow State University (Arka News Agency, 11/8)
Mexican Universities Eye U.S. Expansion (The Hechinger Report, 11/4)
Stepping up Research Collaboration with Asia, Africa (University World News, 11/1)
Europe Approaches Brazil for Closer Collaboration (University World News, 11/1)

October 2013

Heriot-Watt’s Dubai Branch Suffered High Levels of Cheating (Times Higher Education, 10/31)
No Stampede of Foreign Universities Despite New Laws (University World News, 10/25)
Joint Degrees – A Hallmark for Academic Cooperation (University World News, 10/25)
Critical Success Factors for Transnational Partnerships (University World News, 10/25)
Ben-Gurion U., German University Launching Joint Degree Program (St. Louis Jewish Light, 10/24)
Branch Campuses: What’s Stopping the UK from Setting Up Roots in Africa? (The Guardian, 10/24)
Despite Fanfare, Texas A&M’s New Campus in Israel Faces Hurdles (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/23)
Texas A&M Pursues a Campus in Israel (The New York Times, 10/21)
Shift to Strategic International Research Collaboration (University World News, 10/15)
Missing the Point of Transnational Education (University World News, 10/11)
Texas A&M Branching Out in Israel? (The Eagle, 10/11)
Thai Senator Invites Huaqiao Uni. to Open Overseas Campus in Thailand (What’s On Xiamen, 10/10)
Webster University to Open its First Africa Campus (University World News, 10/5)
Duke to NYU Missteps Abroad Lead Colleges to Reassess Expansion (Bloomberg, 10/4)
More South Koreans Choose China for Education (The Wall Street Journal, 10/2)

September 2013

First Offshore Campus of Sikh University to Come Up in Kenya (The Times of India, 9/25)
Branching Out in China (Inside Higher Ed, 9/25)
Nigeria: Confusion Over Proposed £3,000 Visa Bond (The PIE News, 9/24)
City Uni to Open New York Campus (Evening Times, 9/23)
‘Free Investment Zones’ to Attract Foreign Campuses (University World News, 9/21)
Getting Academic Buy-In for Internationalisation (University World News, 9/21)
International Branch Campuses’ Key Role in the UAE (The National, 9/18)
Branch Campuses in UAE Come with Bogey of Western Culture (Gulf News, 9/18)
GU-Q Launches New Programme (Gulf Times, 9/17)
Japan Underlines Commitment to CAMPUS Asia (The PIE News, 9/17)
Laureate ‘Buys’ Australian Campus in South Africa (University World News, 9/14)
Drawing the Line (Inside Higher Ed, 9/13)
Access for Foreign Campuses as Legislation ‘Abandoned’ (University World News, 9/12)
British Council to Work with QAA for TNE (The PIE News, 9/9)
Blurring Disciplines, Crossing Borders (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/9)
U.S. Colleges in Less Open Societies (The New York Times, 9/8)
Transnational Education – The Shape of Things to Come (University World News, 9/8)
Georgetown’s Qatar Outpost ‘Illegal’, Lawyer Claims (Times Higher Education, 9/5)
Investing in a Future for Asia’s Young Women (The New York Times, 9/1)

August 2013

Medical School Opens Branch Campus in London (University World News, 8/31)
Egypt’s Al-Azhar to Open First Global Branch in Malaysia (Business Standard, 8/31)
Solving the Regulatory Challenges of International Campuses (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/6)
Ave Maria Sells Latin American Campus Due to ‘Significant Budgetary Pressures’ (Naples Daily News, 8/2)
Webster University to Establish Campus in Ghana (Ghanaian Chronicle, 8/1)

July 2013

University of Macau Moves Over the China Border (The New York Times, 7/14)
Hong Kong Lures US Business School Branch from Singapore (University World News, 7/12)
Amity University Plans Massive Expansion (Gulf News, 7/7)

June 2013

Higher Education Hubs Could Become ‘Enclaves of Privilege’ (University World News, 6/29)
Integrity Risks and Accountability in Collaborations (University World News, 6/29)
Foreign Universities Will Have to be Non-Profit Making Entities (The Times of India, 6/22)
Yale-NUS First Cohort – Breaking the Education Mould? (University World News, 6/22)
China Setting Up First University Campuses Abroad (Arab News, 6/20)
Academic Ties with China Face New Scrutiny in Dispute Over Dissident (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 6/18)
Internationalisation at Home – Crossing Other Borders (University World News, 6/15)
Johns Hopkins Collaborates in Malaysia (University World News, 6/15)
Brazil Launches African Higher Education Collaboration (University World News, 6/15)
Hanban Ties Up with University of West Indies (University World News, 6/8)
Insead to Double Abu Dhabi Intake Within Four Years (The National, 6/4)
Only 45% of Students Say Offshore ‘Same or Better’ (The PIE News, 6/3)
Doctoral and International Student Numbers Soar (University World News, 6/1)
China in African Education – A Force for Good? (University World News, 6/1)

May 2013

Higher Education is Going Global by Degrees (China Daily, 5/31)
NYU Shanghai as a Study in Globalisation (South China Morning Post, 5/26)
Lack of Students Closes Joint Law Course with NYU (University World News, 5/25)
Seven Subjects China Does Not Want Duke to Teach (Triangle Business Journal, 5/22)
Students Go Abroad to Immerse Themselves in a New Culture (The Guardian, 5/14)
Transnational Education ‘Brain Drain’ Warning (Times Higher Education, 5/14)
University Moves to Dh200m Campus and Opens Schools (The National, 5/11)
Branch Campus Ordered to Cease Postgraduate Courses (University World News, 5/11)
Myanmar’s Educators Reach Out to the World (The New York Times, 5/5)
Partnership with Russia for New, World-Class University (University World News, 5/4)

April 2013

MIT in Moscow Creates Sputnik Moments for $300 Million (Bloomberg, 4/29)
Foreign Universities Take Education to Refugee Camps (University World News, 4/27)
First British Branch Campus in West Africa Announced (University World News, 4/27)
Know Your International Student – Global or Glocal? (University World News, 4/27)
‘Advantage’ for Chinese Applicants? (Inside Higher Ed, 4/25)
Duke Faces Obstacles in Plan for Overseas Growth (Bloomberg, 4/24)
U. of Indianapolis Will Close Its Campus in Greece (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/24)
Heriot-Watt University Unveils PhD Programme (Khaleej Times, 4/23)
Singaporean College to Test a New Curriculum (Yale Daily News, 4/22)
Teaching the Limits of Media Freedom Is Tricky in the Gulf (The New York Times, 4/21)
New Agency to Attract Foreign Students from Asia, Gulf (University World News, 4/20)
The Global Brain Race – Robbing Developing Countries (University World News, 4/20)
Adjustments in Dubai (Inside Higher Ed, 4/19)
Dubai Sees Upswell in Foreign Education Partners (The PIE News, 4/16)
Enthusiasm and Caution in Myanmar (Inside Higher Ed, 4/15)
Dubai’s Education Hubs in Demand (The National, 4/14)
At the Forefront of International Higher Education (University World News, 4/13)
Challenges of Being an Education Hub (South China Morning Post, 4/8)
Accreditors Without Borders (Inside Higher Ed, 4/3)

March 2013

Egypt’s Alexandria to Set Up Branch in South Sudan (University World News, 3/30)
Key Higher Education Bills Pass Parliamentary Committee (University World News, 3/23)
At Foreign Schools in the Gulf, a More Local Push (The New York Times, 3/17)
More Universities Attracted to Iskandar Education Hub (University World News, 3/16)
University of Utah Moves Ahead with South Korea Campus (The Salt Lake Tribune, 3/15)
TNE ‘Hotspots’ Identified by British Council (The PIE News, 3/14)
Why Higher-Education Accreditors Need International Offices (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/12)
Global Ambitions (Inside Higher Ed, 3/11)
Australia Closes Four Education Posts in Asia (The PIE News, 3/8)
Higher Education Hubs – Why Do We Want Them? (University World News, 3/8)
Anatomy of a Failed Campus: What Happened at NYU’s Tisch Asia? (The Nation, 3/6)
INTO in Plans to Set Up Two Campuses in Malta (The PIE News, 3/6)
Should Top U.S. Colleges Expand Overseas? (Newsweek, 3/5)
Despite Limits on Freedom, Foreign Campuses Retain Value, Speakers Say (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/5)
The Boom of International Branch Campuses: Western Universities and the Export of Knowledge (Education Policy Talk, 3/4)

February 2013

University Launches Degree Course in United Arab Emirates (University of Ulster, 2/28)
Minister Acts Against Portuguese University Interloper (University World News, 2/28)
Vietnam Gets to Grips with Its Business Schools (Financial Times, 2/17)
Surge in Students Studying for UK degrees Abroad (The Guardian, 2/15)
Duke Kunshan University Delayed Again, Following Communication and Funding Problems (The Chronicle, 2/8)
Malaysia: Two-Year Moratorium on Private HE (The PIE News, 2/4)
Students Rate the Branch Campus Experience (University World News, 2/2)
Universities Alliance to Tap Overseas Opportunities (University World News, 2/1)

January 2013

Chinese University Expands into Malaysia (The New York Times, 1/28)
Juilliard to Bring New York-Style Teaching to China (The New York Times, 1/28)
Don’t Throw Out the Baby! (Inside Higher Ed, 1/27)
Malaysia Chosen for First Overseas Chinese Campus (University World News, 1/26)
Internationalisation Has Corrupted Higher Education (University World News, 1/26)
Many Yale Hopefuls Try Yale-NUS as Well (The Straits Times, 1/25)
Xiamen University to Set Up 1st Overseas Campus in Malaysia (The Star, 1/21)
1+1 Equals Less Than 2: Sustaining Overseas Programs (Inside Higher Ed, 1/20)
Overseas Campuses Expanded in Drive for ‘Soft Power’ (University World News, 1/19)
Demise of Branch Campuses Exposes Reliance on Government Subsidies (University World News, 1/19)
Branch Campuses: The Lay of the Land (The Guardian, 1/16)
‘Debasing the Brand’ (Inside Higher Ed, 1/16)
UNLV Considers Closing Singapore Campus (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/14)
Region Could Get First Foreign Branch Campus This Year (University World News, 1/6)
Campus Collaboration (The Economist, 1/5)
Looking Ahead: 5 International Trends for 2013 (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/2)
Duke Seeks Final Approval for Its Campus in China (The New York Times, 1/1)