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Semonti Dey

Semonti Dey is a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education with a concentration in Comparative and International Education at the Pennsylvania State University. She works as the Data Concierge Graduate Assistant in the Data Learning Center at the Penn State University Libraries. Semonti conducts research into the international team science practices of Penn State researchers. She plans to pilot the implementation of a data concierge service providing researchers a single service point to assist in navigating the data support ecosystem when conducting research between Penn State and international institutions. Prior to coming to Penn State, Semonti received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Bengali Language and Literature from University of Calcutta, India. She also received a second master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from University at Buffalo. She is skilled in higher education admissions counseling, recruitment, leadership, and event planning. Further, she has experience teaching high school students for over 5 years. Her research interests include the relationship between higher education and social stratification, international and comparative education, immigrants’ higher education, and higher education in the developing countries.